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Monday, February 08, 2016

Treating Covers Like Cash Crops | Agweb.com

Treating Covers Like Cash Crops | Agweb.com: Mikey Taylor felt like a slave to soil testing. In a battle against hard ground and poor soil quality on some of his east Arkansas farmland, he turned to soil testing and the NPK gospel. But instead of answers, he found contradiction. Soil samples sent to multiple labs across the U.S. produced different results—separate and entirely unequal. Salvation in a soil sample? Not for Taylor.

He was chasing a remedy that put him on the trail of a cover crop solution. Initially planting cover crops solely for erosion protection, Taylor transitioned to soil health covers, and recently to grazing covers in tandem with cattle rotation. On Taylor’s ground in Phillips County, Ark., livestock are the vehicle to building �higher potential soils.

Wake Up Call Allendale Advisory Center

Wake Up Call Allendale Advisory Center: Grain markets are a bit lower in spite of sharply lower stock indices and weak crude oil values.

Traders are looking forward to the USDA report on Tuesday with the hope of getting new news to create greater movement in prices. However trade estimates are expecting little change in ending stocks for corn soybeans and wheat.

Rains over the weekend were about as expected in Argentina as rain started up across the south and are pushing north. Rain in Brazil this week look to be heaviest across northern Parana, central Brazil with other areas getting less amounts.

Managed money funds last week were net buyers of 27,718 corn contract making them net short 59,479 contracts. They were net buyers of the soy complex and wheat reducing their net short positions.