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Thursday, January 21, 2016

Farm prices drop 2%, but prices better for larger farms | BreakingNews.ie

Farm prices drop 2%, but prices better for larger farms | BreakingNews.ie: The average price of farmland decreased last year.
A report on the cost of agricultural land shows that nationally, the average price per acre fell to €10,336 in 2015.
That figure is a drop of almost 2% when compared with the previous year.

Managing director of Ganly Walters Robert Ganly, who is one of the authors of the report, said the survey also showed a rise in the price of big farms.
"The larger farms are making more per acre," he said. "There's a particular desire for farmers to buy large farms and consolidate, and there's a scarcity of large farms in the market so they're coming at a premium."

Wake Up Call Allendale Advisory Center

Wake Up Call Allendale Advisory Center: Grain markets are narrowly unchanged in a quiet overnight session. The world stock indices are lower following the sell-off in China. Crude is lower ahead of US inventories report this morning.

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China continues to crackdown on the DDGs entering the country. This provides an advantage to soymeal. CNGOIC raised their estimate of Chinese soybean imports to 85 MMT’s which is higher than the 80.5 MMT’s the USDA has penciled into the global balance sheet.