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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Blue Sky Day

Miami and New Orleans Could Be Underwater by 2100, Warns Study | The Market Business

Miami and New Orleans Could Be Underwater by 2100, Warns Study | The Market Business: Virtually all of New Orleans will be under water after 2100, regardless of actions this century to curtail global carbon emissions, according to Climate Central researchers.

The nonpartisan climate science research organization has published an interactive map that zeroes in on any location in the United States, with one panel showing effects of “unchecked pollution” and another showing the results of “extreme carbon cuts.” In the latter scenario, a narrow strip of land along the Mississippi River will survive. New Orleans is completely inundated in the “unchecked” scenario.

Memphis-Ole Miss week off to rip-roaring start

Memphis-Ole Miss week off to rip-roaring start: Hailey Warriner heard the knock on her door at 6 a.m. She did what any self-respecting University of Memphis student would do at that hour.

"I wanted to go back to sleep," she said.

Another knock. From her roommate. Warriner was incredulous.

"There's no reason to get up this early!" she said.

And that may have been true before this very moment in the history of Memphis football.

There has never been a reason to get up at 6 a.m. to get a ticket to a game.

There has never been a reason to do anything but roll in shortly before kickoff.

Mississippi Power refunds

Mississippi Power refunds: Mississippi Power Co. customers are lining up to choose how to get their Kemper-related refund from the utility.

Monday was the first day for people to call the unit of Atlanta-based Southern Co. to choose to receive the refund by check. If customers don’t act by Oct. 30, they will automatically get a credit on their bill.

Blufftoberfest adds craft beer twist to Natchez event

Blufftoberfest adds craft beer twist to Natchez event: The Great Mississippi River Balloon Race this weekend in Natchez will add a heady twist for its 30th annual edition: Blufftoberfest.

The Saturday-only Oktoberfest spin, like the Natchez-Vidalia bridge across the Mississippi River, links Mississippi and Louisiana to mutual benefit. An exclusive beer for the occasion is the collaboration by five breweries: Natchez Brewing Company, Tin Roof Brewing Co., (Baton Rouge), Chafunkta Brewing Co. (Mandeville) and Crooked Letter Brewing Co. (Ocean Springs).

Blufftoberfest is integrated into the larger three-day festival that draws 12,000 to 15,000 to downtown Natchez on the grounds of the historic home Rosalie, high on a bluff over the Mississippi River. More than 60 hot air balloons participate in competitions over the weekend. A music festival onsite Saturday boasts headliner and Rock'n'Roll Hall of Famer Dr. John, as well as Anders Osborne featuring Big Chief Monk Boudreaux, New Breed Brass Band and Austin band Mingo Fishtrap on Saturday.