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Friday, September 18, 2015

New Orleans Saints need a convincing win over Tampa to bring back some fear factor: Larry Holder

Drew Brees said starting another season 0-2 "is not even an option" for the New Orleans Saints.
"We have to find a way to win," Brees said leading up to Sunday's home opener against Tampa Bay. Kickoff is at noon.
I'm sure the Saints would take a win by one point or 100 points at this point. But beating the hapless Buccaneers in a nail-biter shouldn't cut it. The Saints need to win, and win big, to give their 2015 season a jump-start.

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Three keys to Memphis-Bowling Green

The University of Memphis goes for its third straight win of the season on Saturday at Bowling Green. Here are three keys to the game for the Tigers:
1. Pressure, pressure, pressure: The Falcons want to play fast. You've probably heard this by now. One counter-intuitive way to slow them down is actually to speed them up, by pressuring quarterback Matt Johnson. Sacks and incompletions are the best way to disrupt the rhythm of a fast-paced offense, and hurried, off-balance throws often lead to interceptions. The Tigers' defensive line needs to create pressure, or the coaching staff needs to call more blitzes to prevent Johnson from being comfortable.

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Priciest housing markets getting further out of reach

If interest rates rise, so will the cost of buying a house, pushing some would-be homebuyers to the sidelines.
Many of those home shoppers are already getting priced out, as the full cost of homeownership chews up a bigger share of the median household's monthly paycheck, according to an analysis of homeownership costs by real estate site Trulia.
Most housing affordability measures look only at direct costs of ownership such as mortgage payments, taxes and insurance. But homeowners still have to pay monthly utility bills and get to work every day. When those costs are accounted for, the numbers look a lot different, according to Trulia's data.

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The Housing Market's Chicken-Or-Egg Conundrum - Forbes

The Housing Market's Chicken-Or-Egg Conundrum - Forbes: Which comes first, the house or the homebuyer?

These days, it’s the homebuyer. Yesterday, the Federal Reserve kept a lid on interest rates, citing the housing market’s slow recovery as one cause for concern. Chair Janet Yellen said housing is “very depressed” and �“demand for housing should be there.”

She has it backward. There’s plenty of�demand�for housing. What’s missing is supply.

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Exhibit, convoy, festival spotlight veterans

Exhibit, convoy, festival spotlight veterans: On September 24, 2010, the life of Quita Dawson and her family changed forever, when she learned that her eldest child, 19 year old Brandon, had been killed in Afghanistan by an improvised explosive device.
Now, five years later, the anniversary of her son’s death is getting new life with a larger celebration of Tunica’s fallen hero and the many veterans who lost their lives in times of war.
In conjunction with the Tunica Chamber of Commerce, the Dawson/Weeden/Williams family is planning the first Hero Fest MS on Saturday, October 3, “in honor of those who serve and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice.”

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Biking the Natchez Trace: 444 miles, thousands of years of history, one Elvis stop

At the northern terminus in Nashville, a sign declares “Entering Natchez Trace Parkway.” The placard features the silhouette of a man on horseback, his sturdy hat nearly grazing a bough draped in Spanish moss. He sits straight in his saddle. I improve my own posture and give my black Cannondale bike an energetic kick.
The Trace’s two-lane road is quiet and empty. Several factors — maximum speed limit of 50 mph, ban on commercial traffic, limited access to urban centers — deter most motorists. The lateness of the day (5-ish) and the season (November) dissuade most other cyclists from taking a spin on the National Park Service road.
My eyes wander from the unfurling ribbon of asphalt to the mini-wilderness along the sidelines. Swaths of still-green grass. Hardwood trees succumbing to autumn’s palette. Deer peering through gaps in the forest.

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