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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Local dairy farmers squeezed out by bigger farms | News - Home

Local dairy farmers squeezed out by bigger farms | News - Home: Rock says he used to make 25 to 27 dollars on 100 lbs of milk. Now, thanks to outside competition he makes 18 dollars which he says is not enough to turn a profit.

“When half of your check doesn’t pay the feed bill to feed the cows, and the other half doesn’t pay the labor and the insurance…it just doesn't work,” said Rock.

Rock and other farmers are calling on Virginia Congressman Morgan Griffith for help.

"Some industrial type farms in the Midwest and the West are trucking in milk to our area,” Congressman Griffith said. “That affects prices, and it's not the price at the grocery store, it's the price the farmer gets because the farmers price does not affect what is happening in the grocery store."

Congressman Griffith said he wants to make sure smaller, family-owned farms like Rock's can compete fairly with the bigger companies.