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Saturday, November 14, 2009

iPhone vs. BlackBerry vs. Droid vs. Pre: Smackdown!: The latest Android 2.0-based “iPhone killer” w.. http://chilp.it/?73161a
I-40 Truck Stop, Checotah, OK 74426:
Closed truck stop at prime I-40 location. Much of eqiupment and fuel tank.. http://twurl.nl/hk6q2y
US sees progress on arms control talks with Russia: The United States and Russia have agreed on the broad outli.. http://chilp.it/?574a79
Lebanon’s new Cabinet leery of Hezbollah dispute: Lebanon’s new government, a shaky coalition of We.. http://chilp.it/?b1de5c
Dutch drivers to pay tax on road time, not on car: Dutch drivers will pay less to buy a car but will be charged.. http://chilp.it/?b1b47b