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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Professor Gates, Police Sgt. Crowley set for Obama's 'beer summit': http://ping.fm/HjCdk
Environmental study reveals mission artifacts: http://ping.fm/kA3u0
Goodbye Joe Junior's: http://ping.fm/z0SBh
Exclusive: ET and People's huge post-Emmy party: http://ping.fm/BDIkb
Ryland posts quarterly loss on sinking home sales: http://ping.fm/p4x36
Jerks help traffic move faster and keep jams from happening, study finds: http://ping.fm/GNDOK
Sean O'Sullivan's no-hitter for Salt Lake was almost perfect: http://ping.fm/wZTW5
OMG: Schumacher takes injured Massa's seat for Spanish GP: http://ping.fm/Bef2p
Live chat: 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston: http://ping.fm/LNnYH
TCA: A dissenting opinion on Joan Rivers: http://ping.fm/ITGmR
Questions about clunkers: http://ping.fm/uXA2K
CDC gives priority to certain groups for swine flu vaccine: http://ping.fm/Ddj61
Alleged `jihadist' known as friendly store owner
: http://ping.fm/KBuvx
Jury hands man life sentence in Arizona shootings
: http://ping.fm/UABgK
Energy prices slide as unused crude piles up: http://ping.fm/OnEcO
Five key issues for the Pac-10 in 2009: http://ping.fm/sd07g
Roy Halladay is last pitching prize available as Indians send Cliff Lee to Phillies: http://ping.fm/5obdE
Iraq says raid on militant group's camp wasn't Iran's idea: http://ping.fm/Crw65
Motocross champion James Stewart to make X Games debut: http://ping.fm/2GBxV
Obesity surgery death rates are low, study finds
: http://ping.fm/xBPgK
NASA engineers defend rocket design to Obama panel
: http://ping.fm/WYkcz
NH reporter accused of running prostitution ring
: http://ping.fm/3ENn7
Officers involved in fatal La. shooting resign
: http://ping.fm/NvA2n
NYC council votes for mayor's Coney Island renewal
: http://ping.fm/OYupn
Des Moines buses to honk more to curb accidents
: http://ping.fm/iNYws
Lax hospitals may be fostering kidney-selling
: http://ping.fm/J0zSi
Sorority president sued over $900,000 wax statue
: http://ping.fm/ZduMk
Defendant charged with murder in Seattle stabbings
: http://ping.fm/k6oyL
Why is the Web so full of Katherine Heigl haters?: http://ping.fm/morra
Will Houston's new single herald a comeback?: http://ping.fm/RUaPf
Car bomb in Spain destroys police barracks: http://ping.fm/I1qsC
Ferrari releases images of its Italian greyhound, the 458 Italia: http://ping.fm/jVROC
The pros and cons of 'Jon & Kate': http://ping.fm/PGYR9
'NYC Prep': PC's fashion week faux pas: http://ping.fm/xuyk8
Madonna's arms are officially scary: http://ping.fm/6MXH1
Court records: Children were in `living nightmare'
: http://ping.fm/5pscf
Porn star mulling La. Senate race has a tough week
: http://ping.fm/by5o4
States slash health care programs in budget crisis
: http://ping.fm/lVmCW
Alleged DC Holocaust museum shooter indicted
: http://ping.fm/WdpRG
Declassified Ike documents show '50s not so serene
: http://ping.fm/kWuvE
TCA: DJ AM like you've never seen him: http://ping.fm/I2OYu
Why did Emmy voters snub Jon and Kate?: http://ping.fm/n7JM4
L.A. Times to take over delivery of Orange County Register: http://ping.fm/MdxiS
Microsoft-Yahoo partnership faces big obstacle in antitrust regulators: http://ping.fm/DZPLC
Fed survey: Stabilization seen in some regions: http://ping.fm/XAQNS
BMW quits Formula 1. It is now the Sarah Palin of F1 and the future of KERS: http://ping.fm/PDai1
Obama spells out healthcare 'consumer protections': http://ping.fm/rFSS4
BMW quits Formula 1. It is now the Sarah Palin of F1 and the future of KERS: http://ping.fm/QQqf4
Pregnant women 1st in line for swine flu vaccine
: http://ping.fm/OHrog
Penn. AG upset with ex-editor's Web sex penalty
: http://ping.fm/cGEBp