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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

`Clunkers' program draws car buyers in first days
: http://ping.fm/BKGSr
Freed Fla. dolphin attacked by sharks, euthanized
: http://ping.fm/EcfVo
Ill. graveyard scandal brings back mother's grief
: http://ping.fm/wdBx3
Prison consultants help inmates get good digs
: http://ping.fm/iE7Bo
Hawaii again declares Obama birth certificate real
: http://ping.fm/ap2Rq
Auditor: TVA lawyers limited ash spill report
: http://ping.fm/I88vQ
Ala. student vanishes during trip to Thailand
: http://ping.fm/xXiEa
Ala. police: Taser use on disabled man justified
: http://ping.fm/qk6uY
Schwarzenegger signs budget with more welfare cuts
: http://ping.fm/9RkLF
Another UBS client pleads guilty to US tax charges
: http://ping.fm/jkRrZ
Post office cited by GAO as a troubled agency
: http://ping.fm/dRir0
Sunday at the Itasca Diner, Itasca, IL: http://ping.fm/seiRU
Miami Diner: http://ping.fm/MfvCq
Man accused of judge threats called FBI informant
: http://ping.fm/8blkY
Witness describes shooting of Kan. abortion doctor
: http://ping.fm/VILrg
Flaws decried in data on US children's well-being
: http://ping.fm/OwKSv
Boston hack almost takes blame for forgotten child
: http://ping.fm/7MAy5
'So You Think You Can Dance': Final words: http://ping.fm/T3Hfn
Notable 1962 Emmy winners: http://ping.fm/5ddg9
Demi Lovato calls Miley Cyrus 'Dragon': http://ping.fm/EKlr9
Schwarzenegger vetoes hundreds of millions in state spending, signs budget: http://ping.fm/CgMVg
Remembering Jackie Kennedy's Emmy achievements: http://ping.fm/wfiaJ
"Octomom" Nadya Suleman: http://ping.fm/1DkN2
The Sprint logo hangs on the side of their Fifth Avenue store: http://ping.fm/szumq
Mona Ramouni speaks to her guide horse Cali as they ride a bus home from the publishing house where Ramouni works: http://ping.fm/dTInu
Discovery, Baidu launch website: http://ping.fm/8EtK2
Shoppers and tourists walking along Fifth Avenue in New York City: http://ping.fm/i0ylX
Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor: http://ping.fm/bwEMI
Jeff Sessions will vote against Sotomayor: http://ping.fm/nMQxV
Pro-life advocates protest over the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor: http://ping.fm/6gHQA
Guide horse for the blind. Duration: 01:47: http://ping.fm/Lu4qY
Seven men including six Americans were arrested Monday in the US state of North Carolina: http://ping.fm/cTtRP
Phelps booked his semi-final berth in the 200m butterfly on Tuesday: http://ping.fm/V8Bqy
The United States Supreme Court building in Washington, DC: http://ping.fm/Gwonl
George Russell has died aged 86: http://ping.fm/z9AGj
Mona Ramouni and her guide horse Cali head home using public transportation from the publishing house: http://ping.fm/65HWq
Mona Ramouni plays with her guide horse, Cali in the pen her family built in the yard of their Dearborn, Michigan home: http://ping.fm/tDXoy
EXCLUSIVE: Ephron talks about the joy of butter: http://ping.fm/dldGn
Michael Phelps upset in world championships: http://ping.fm/zePSH
Final rundown: Here's what Emmy judges will see: http://ping.fm/0yM1q
Prime-time Emmy calendar: What's ahead: http://ping.fm/dMaHM
AP Source: Jackson doc gave drug before death: http://ping.fm/mxne3
Coast Guard searches for Haitian boat survivors: http://ping.fm/luZCM
Stanford wants new prison, says AC doesn't work: http://ping.fm/zKYgW
Raw Video: Judiciary panel approves Sotomayor: http://ping.fm/AlriM
Mass. officials to study Gates arrest: http://ping.fm/5Ck87
AP Top Stories: http://ping.fm/vcFiq
Officials raid Mich. Home, rescue 100 plus dogs: http://ping.fm/TqHR5
Morning Briefing (July 28, 2009): http://ping.fm/C41Nq