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Monday, July 27, 2009

Paris police chief during 1968 uprising dies
: http://ping.fm/utzFa
Taco Bell ad star Gidget the Chihuahua dies at 15
: http://ping.fm/lu5hd
Doctor who co-authored first AIDS report dies
: http://ping.fm/wYqqA
The Ann Arbor News hits the streets for last time
: http://ping.fm/TS14j
Psychedelic songwriter John Dawson dies at 64
: http://ping.fm/9m3tB
Last UK veteran of WWI trench battles dies at 111
: http://ping.fm/XhdCh
Obituaries in the news
: http://ping.fm/xixlN
'Tarzan' actress Brenda Joyce dies at 92
: http://ping.fm/S6VOc
Author E. Lynn Harris dies at age 54
: http://ping.fm/aa8up
New Battle Over Erin Andrews Naked Peephole Video: http://ping.fm/8JQ2o
Obesity Takes 9% of Health Spending: http://robwire.com/2009/07/obesity-takes-9-of-health-spending/
Guardian Ordered For Octomom's Kids: http://ping.fm/UeMLz
AP: Public Option Nixed from Health Care Bill: http://ping.fm/9BqC4
Michael Vick Gets OK to Play in NFL: http://ping.fm/NobOE
Study: Texting Raises Crash Risk 23-Fold: http://ping.fm/29iDF
World Watch Blog: Iranian Protester Dies In Prison: http://ping.fm/ijvUz
Man with fetish charged with stealing eyeglasses
: http://ping.fm/Gp7It
Judge orders guardian for octuplets' finances
: http://ping.fm/6XxDN
7 NC men charged with plotting 'violent jihad'
: http://ping.fm/QrrVG
Vick could play in October after being reinstated
: http://ping.fm/I5K4y
AP IMPACT: Dodd, Conrad told deals were sweetened
: http://ping.fm/2A5KQ
AP sources: Senate group omits employer mandate
: http://ping.fm/EgPtR
Texas investigators stunned by child dismemberment
: http://ping.fm/p4qGP
Obama calls for deeper U.S.-Chinese ties
: http://ping.fm/qQuSd
Israel on Iran: Anything it takes to stop nukes
: http://ping.fm/vRcfy
Gates 911 call: Witness not sure she sees crime
: http://ping.fm/UciWP
Dollar dips to 95 yen line but underpinned by U.S. housing data+: http://ping.fm/q7YRN
Tokyo stocks edge down amid caution after Nikkei's 9-day rally+: http://ping.fm/1l5e3
Lifestyle change the way to beat US obesity: experts: http://ping.fm/dxbMC
U.S. envoy upbeat on post-Kyoto deal on climate change+: http://ping.fm/XgDV3
Obama team in self praise over budget savings: http://ping.fm/ZBrJj
Japanese climber, Peruvian guide missing on Andes+: http://ping.fm/E3c8t
Britain ends Afghanistan offensive: http://ping.fm/9kQ6C
Main events scheduled for Wednesday, July 29+: http://ping.fm/2XQBk
US pulls plug on its Havana news ticker: http://ping.fm/nbq3y
Sale of Google's stake values AOL at $5.7 billion: http://ping.fm/s1wqb
Key Lawmakers Restart Health-Care Talks: http://ping.fm/DKDAU
Judge orders guardian for octuplets’ finances: A California judge appointed a lawyer Monday to oversee the.. http://twurl.nl/5s82h2
As Special Interests Aid Dodd, He Distances Himself: As Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut assumes a cen.. http://twurl.nl/04fuob
LEAD: Yokohama mayor to step down, but not to run in general election+: (Kyodo) _ (EDS: ADDING INFO) Yokohama Ma.. http://twurl.nl/mmq86w
Prosecutor: Dad killed girl to avoid child support: A father who had no interest in his 4-year-old daughter did .. http://twurl.nl/8cqo7a
NFL reinstates disgraced Vick: Disgraced superstar Michael Vick, who missed two National Football League seasons.. http://twurl.nl/j14486
Clinton plans to visit 7 nations in Africa: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to travel to Africa .. http://twurl.nl/173gab
Yokohama mayor to step down, but not to run in general election+: (Kyodo) _ Yokohama Mayor Hiroshi Nakada will s.. http://twurl.nl/4oq3ic
LA Law Says Physician Gave Michael Jackson Powerful Anesthetic Propofol:  
A law enforcement official with .. http://twurl.nl/0pw4zp
Sen. Jim Bunning drops out of Kentucky U.S. Senate race:
Left: Sen. Jim Bunning in 2008 Right: – 1970 Top.. http://twurl.nl/bwqr1f
“Alexis Cohen, American Idol Castoff, Killed in Car Accident; Police Investigating Possible Homicide”.. http://twurl.nl/kpijzi
“Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) Transfers Power to Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell (R)” and related posts: C-SPAN.. http://twurl.nl/gdbavl
Treasures from the past: J.Hernetkoski has added a photo to the pool:

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