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Sunday, June 21, 2009

It is still 83 at nearly 10:30 PM
Morning stock indexes+: (Kyodo) _ Nikkei 225 9,796.02, UP 9.76 points Nikkei 300 185.49, UP 0.18 points TSE Inde.. http://ping.fm/cBzkd
New detector not much better catching nuke matter: Federal investigators say the government’s next generat.. http://ping.fm/d1LlI
Temp outside is now down to 93 at nearly 8 PM
Barnes isn’t slowing on 3rd round of soggy US Open: Even a 27-hour break between shots couldn’t slow.. http://ping.fm/CNP2T
Tehran Tense After Clashes That Killed at Least 13: A day after security forces beat back thousands of demonstra.. http://ping.fm/k7JVL
The Lede: Sunday: Updates on Iran’s Disputed Election: To supplement reporting by New York Times journalists ins.. http://ping.fm/RLwJu