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Thursday, April 30, 2009

�Surgical� Bankruptcy Is Set for Chrysler: The U.S. will provide financing during the bankruptcy proceeding, whi.. http://ping.fm/ongsv
Bond Insurer Sues Merrill Over Losses on C.D.O.s: MBIA, the world’s largest bond insurer, said Thursday th.. http://ping.fm/geLqf
Bloomberg Pushes Energy Efficiency Laws for New York Buildings: The owners of tens of thousands of New York City.. http://ping.fm/lt7zq
Dubai World Settles Dispute with MGM Over CityCenter: Dubai World has agreed to new terms with MGM Mirage on the.. http://ping.fm/4Owhx
A.I.G. Said to Consider Shutting Mortgage Insurer: The beleaguered American International Group, which is sellin.. http://ping.fm/nivTk
DealBook: A Roadmap to a Chrysler Bankruptcy: There could be a very public brawl between the government and a gr.. http://twurl.nl/i4vdla
For BofA’s Lewis, Merrill Was One Deal Too Many: Kenneth D. Lewis, a man who thrived on scoring the next b.. http://twurl.nl/sar2ah
Major U.S. Retailers Face Net Store Loss After Closing More Stores Than They Opened in 2008: Major U.S. retailer.. http://twurl.nl/qqr5pk
A Road Map to a Chrysler Bankruptcy: If Chrysler files for bankruptcy protection, as seemed almost inevitable Th.. http://twurl.nl/jm8sn7
Final Effort to Avert Chrysler Bankruptcy Falls Short: With a bankruptcy filing by Chrysler appearing all but ce.. http://twurl.nl/vylx68
MGM Mirage and Dubai World Reach CityCenter Deal: MGM Mirage and Dubai World said Wednesday that they had reache.. http://twurl.nl/u3k86n
World Health Organization Raises Swine Flu Alert Level: On the day that a Mexican toddler became the first perso.. http://twurl.nl/6t2pav
Shareholders Oust Bank of America Chief as Chairman: Shareholders stripped Kenneth D. Lewis of his chairman�s ti.. http://twurl.nl/lz8mbg
Record CRE Loan Defaults Expected This Month: An uptick in both the number and average loan size of new defaults.. http://twurl.nl/sneyim