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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Macklowe Defaults, Loses Another New York Office Tower: Harry Macklowe’s New York portfolio took another h.. http://twurl.nl/qceg7k
CoStar’s People of Note for Friday (Apr. 12 - 18): Today’s People of Note includes the following mar.. http://twurl.nl/ozc4rr
Square Feet: Some of the Bright Lights of New York’s Businesses Are Powered by Wind: Very few companies in New Y.. http://twurl.nl/xrac5g
U.S. Is Said to Push Chrysler to Prepare for Chapter 11: The Obama administration is directing Chrysler to prepa.. http://twurl.nl/iiawou
The Caucus: Senate Leaders Oppose Inquiry on Interrogation: Senate Democratic leaders said they would resist eff.. http://twurl.nl/ifqio6
U.S. Is Said to Prepare Filing for Chrysler Bankruptcy: The Treasury has an agreement in principle with the U.A... http://twurl.nl/4so3q3
U.S. Is Said to Prepare Bankruptcy Filing for Chrysler: Update | 5:10 p.m. The Treasury Department is prepa.. http://twurl.nl/z8m6c5
More Than 60 Killed in Two Attacks in Iraq: One explosion targeted Iranian tourists in a restive city north of B.. http://twurl.nl/5wu6qe
TPG Takes a Prize, but Size Isn’t Everything: TPG, the buyout firm whose investments include TXU and Harra.. http://twurl.nl/uw4r0p
Lewis Said to Testify That U.S. Urged Silence on Merrill Deal: Bank of America Chief Executive Kenneth D. Lewis .. http://twurl.nl/u7ddwc
News Analysis: Interrogations’ Effectiveness May Prove Elusive: Starkly opposing narratives have arisen about wh.. http://twurl.nl/wwcsdx