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Friday, March 20, 2009

Social Networking Is Fast Migrating To Business World: Popular online sites such as Facebook and Twitter have cr.. http://twurl.nl/d4fcu5
More layoffs hit The Commercial Appeal: After announcing it would lay off 18 employees earlier this month, The C.. http://twurl.nl/81gm5f
The Eight Coolest Things Online This Week: Super-strong artificial muscles, telephony iPods, and a Twitter that .. http://twurl.nl/6w2lop
2 Massive Credit Unions Fail, 3 More Banks: U.S. regulators seized control on Friday of U.S. Central Federal Cre.. http://twurl.nl/uqv5my
The Clever Commute: After Josh Crandall lost his job, a friend helped him turn a Web site called The Clever Comm.. http://twurl.nl/13uqq1
Stubb Stubblefield: Archangel Of Barbecue: From 1968 to 1975 in Lubbock, Texas, C.B. “Stubb” Stubble.. http://twurl.nl/tof1ox
BlackBerry Niagara To Launch In May: Just in time to take on the Palm Pre and whatever new iPhone model Apple dr.. http://twurl.nl/6dzh3y
Americans fear home price drop accelerating: Americans fear home prices will drop more sharply in the coming yea.. http://twurl.nl/6fab57
In Sacramento’s tent city, a torn economic fabric: The capital’s tent city sprawls messily on a gras.. http://twurl.nl/pi0zkt
Commercial Real Estate Hangs on for Dear Life: The pulse of commercial real estate is barely detectable, but the.. http://twurl.nl/842bcb
Southwest Airlines kicks off summer fare war: A summer airfare war is heating up as one of the worst downturns i.. http://twurl.nl/fu4lss
Self Cleaning Keyboard Is Launched By Startup:
A Bothell startup is looking to keep people healthy by zapping g.. http://twurl.nl/78im6r
“Undo Send” From GMail: If you ever send email you might regret later Gmail now offers “.. http://twurl.nl/60hzas