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Thursday, March 19, 2009

LiveNewsCameras.com: International live streaming television news aggregator. posted by netbros at 3:44 PM http://twurl.nl/nr62xk
Zeebo to launch low-cost game console: At two of the forthcoming conferences - the Game Developers Conference an.. http://twurl.nl/m0u7id
Party like it’s 2009: It’s been a busy week for Y Combinator, the early-stage investment firm known .. http://twurl.nl/82p3xy
Scavenging For A Living: Poverty compelled Henry Evangelista to drop out of high school and turn to scavenging a.. http://twurl.nl/ia0d3g
New generation of entrepreneurs heads to Internet to sell their wares online: A new generation of entrepreneurs .. http://twurl.nl/ijrkad
Steamy Is The New Player In Social Networking: Like Google Reader and FriendFeed, Streamy lets you follow news, .. http://twurl.nl/kf0mrg
Connecticut coach Jim Calhoun hospitalized for tests http://ping.fm/y53RB
Homeless In The State Capitol:
Madison-At 9 a.m. in the state Capitol on a recent weekday, with the.. http://twurl.nl/1yrqkl
UN Says World Should Dump The Dollar: A U.N. panel will next week recommend that the world ditch the dolla.. http://twurl.nl/w8tkxn
Lending Club Gets $12 Million In Funding: P2P money lending service Lending Club has closed a $12 million Series.. http://twurl.nl/yn7bqf
Historic Greenbrier Resort Files For Bankruptcy:
The historic Greenbrier resort, which has gone from hosting pr.. http://twurl.nl/icbp4o
Amy Adams for “Sunshine Cleaning”:

Amy Adams is best known for her squeaky-clean persona in roles .. http://twurl.nl/ojit2g
Start-up food entrepreneurs: North Carolina startup food companies that have found their footing are getting hel.. http://twurl.nl/2xhdub
Twitter Has Massive Revenue Potential: Search and social media guru John Battelle lashes out at analysts from Sa.. http://twurl.nl/zgic4a
Google Books Will Be On New Sony Reader: It’s the first time Google has made its vast trove of scanned pub.. http://twurl.nl/lkj2kg