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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Actor Ron Silver, 62, Dies Of Cancer:
Actor Ron Silver has died in New York City after a two-year battle with e.. http://twurl.nl/kxhjh2
16 Year Old Starts Successful Truffle Business: These days, the main infatuation of Purkayastha, now a 16-year-o.. http://twurl.nl/0frtql
Photos Of Wordpress BBQ:

Some photos of the Wordpress BBQ fromAndrew Mager. http://twurl.nl/an26lz
My WeFollow Rankings:
I am trying out WeFollowwhich was launched by Digg founder Kevin Rose. My rankings .. http://twurl.nl/qteo4i
Social Media Overload - SXSW 2009:
The speed and popularity of the micro-messaging service Twitter has made it .. http://twurl.nl/dz1g0i
Personalized Websites For Low Income Job Seekers:
SinceProfessor C.K. Prahalad’sBottom of the Pyram.. http://twurl.nl/dsikeh
5 second films:
5 second films, original independent films exactly 5 seconds long [via Ovablastic] posted by li.. http://twurl.nl/sqyfsu
Broken Bruno’s: Beleagured chain describes problems that led to bankruptcy:
Bankruptcy court documents pa.. http://twurl.nl/ekmikz
DRM chip inside the iPod Shuffle earbuds: From CrunchGear Ok. This is absolutely insane. J&R over at BBG dis.. http://ping.fm/ExSpL