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Friday, March 13, 2009

America’s Lost Band:
“America’s Lost Band”…1964…The Remains. Opening act.. http://twurl.nl/ttvr6f
45 percent of world’s wealth destroyed: Private equity company Blackstone Group LP (BX.N) CEO Stephen Schw.. http://twurl.nl/zzmd8l
Welcome to the Depression: A sobering look at what is coming in the economy. Before it is over 1 of every 4 peop.. http://twurl.nl/4lvwvm
Washington Post Drops Business Section: Washington Post Co. will combine the business section with its front sec.. http://twurl.nl/hkul4v
Collapse Of Auto Supply Base Predicted: The economic impact of a General Motors or Chrysler bankruptcy is being .. http://twurl.nl/bwve7e
One Of Oldest Newspapers In Kansas To Close: I’m taking a quick break from my regular blog posts to commen.. http://twurl.nl/q5h8pq
L.A. Commercial Property Market To Face Tough Year In 2009: When one of downtown Los Angeles’largest.. http://twurl.nl/e3qgx8
California Lays Off 26,000 Teachers:
Today is Pink Friday, the deadline for California teachers to receive prel.. http://twurl.nl/u8vcv5
China Worries if U.S. Will Stay A Credible Nation: China’s premier expressed concern Friday about its hold.. http://twurl.nl/muews5
Photo: Woody’s Drive-In:
toryvanc http://twurl.nl/u60qrs
Michael Jackson’s 50 London concerts sell out: Shows scheduled to kick off in July and stretch into Februa.. http://twurl.nl/85lo8g
Six Flags Considering Bankruptcy:
ezeiza Six Flags Inc. debt holders may receive equity in the theme-park owner.. http://twurl.nl/k1dr5e
Obama’s Poll Numbers Drop Below Bush In 2001: Polling data show that Mr. Obama’sapproval rating is d.. http://twurl.nl/kqxwda
Free Getaways Around the World: Even with the beaten-down travel industry spilling out deals on airfares like ca.. http://twurl.nl/i85ivq
Hulu unveils social tools:

Hulu’s new profile area with a Facebook-like “wall,” messaging s.. http://twurl.nl/v58rtd
Anna Nicole Smith’s ex-companion, doctors charged:
The longtime companion of Anna Nicole Smith and two ps.. http://twurl.nl/35nhqo
Child Hunger In India: Small, sick, listless children have long beenIndia’s scourge — &#.. http://twurl.nl/jdd3j6