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Friday, July 31, 2009

On Maliki’s U.S. visit, it was the Iraq travel advisory that figured: A State Department bulletin about da.. http://buzzup.com/9faa
Former Philippine leader Aquino dies
(AFP): AFP - Former Philippines president Corazon Aquino, whose "People P.. http://buzzup.com/9f8o
Falling for Fondren (Photo Set):

More Share and Enjoy: http://buzzup.com/9f5j
The Kitten’s First Birthday:

July 31 is the first birthday of our 4 kittens. Three are oreo triplets Ore.. http://buzzup.com/9f3s
Family believed baby cut from womb was theirs
(AP): AP - Little things nagged at Cindy Dion while her son's gi.. http://buzzup.com/9f1y
Woods has best 5-hole start of his career.
(AP): AP - Tiger Woods had the best five-hole start of his career, .. http://buzzup.com/9f1z
Thousands attend memorial for slain Border Patrol agent: About 4,000 attend a service for Robert Rosas, who was .. http://buzzup.com/9ezt
Officers: Man threw dog off 6th-floor NYC roof
(AP): AP - A New York City man has been accused of throwing his.. http://buzzup.com/9ext
(AP): AP - Democrats win hard-fought approval of health bill in final House committee; vote in fall. http://buzzup.com/9exs
Academy’s ‘Keeper of the Oscars’ dead at 47
(AP): AP - Steven Miessner, the motion picture a.. http://buzzup.com/9et4

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Professor Gates, Police Sgt. Crowley set for Obama's 'beer summit': http://ping.fm/HjCdk
Environmental study reveals mission artifacts: http://ping.fm/kA3u0
Goodbye Joe Junior's: http://ping.fm/z0SBh
Exclusive: ET and People's huge post-Emmy party: http://ping.fm/BDIkb
Ryland posts quarterly loss on sinking home sales: http://ping.fm/p4x36
Jerks help traffic move faster and keep jams from happening, study finds: http://ping.fm/GNDOK
Sean O'Sullivan's no-hitter for Salt Lake was almost perfect: http://ping.fm/wZTW5
OMG: Schumacher takes injured Massa's seat for Spanish GP: http://ping.fm/Bef2p
Live chat: 'Breaking Bad' star Bryan Cranston: http://ping.fm/LNnYH
TCA: A dissenting opinion on Joan Rivers: http://ping.fm/ITGmR
Questions about clunkers: http://ping.fm/uXA2K
CDC gives priority to certain groups for swine flu vaccine: http://ping.fm/Ddj61
Alleged `jihadist' known as friendly store owner
: http://ping.fm/KBuvx
Jury hands man life sentence in Arizona shootings
: http://ping.fm/UABgK
Energy prices slide as unused crude piles up: http://ping.fm/OnEcO
Five key issues for the Pac-10 in 2009: http://ping.fm/sd07g
Roy Halladay is last pitching prize available as Indians send Cliff Lee to Phillies: http://ping.fm/5obdE
Iraq says raid on militant group's camp wasn't Iran's idea: http://ping.fm/Crw65
Motocross champion James Stewart to make X Games debut: http://ping.fm/2GBxV
Obesity surgery death rates are low, study finds
: http://ping.fm/xBPgK
NASA engineers defend rocket design to Obama panel
: http://ping.fm/WYkcz
NH reporter accused of running prostitution ring
: http://ping.fm/3ENn7
Officers involved in fatal La. shooting resign
: http://ping.fm/NvA2n
NYC council votes for mayor's Coney Island renewal
: http://ping.fm/OYupn
Des Moines buses to honk more to curb accidents
: http://ping.fm/iNYws
Lax hospitals may be fostering kidney-selling
: http://ping.fm/J0zSi
Sorority president sued over $900,000 wax statue
: http://ping.fm/ZduMk
Defendant charged with murder in Seattle stabbings
: http://ping.fm/k6oyL
Why is the Web so full of Katherine Heigl haters?: http://ping.fm/morra
Will Houston's new single herald a comeback?: http://ping.fm/RUaPf
Car bomb in Spain destroys police barracks: http://ping.fm/I1qsC
Ferrari releases images of its Italian greyhound, the 458 Italia: http://ping.fm/jVROC
The pros and cons of 'Jon & Kate': http://ping.fm/PGYR9
'NYC Prep': PC's fashion week faux pas: http://ping.fm/xuyk8
Madonna's arms are officially scary: http://ping.fm/6MXH1
Court records: Children were in `living nightmare'
: http://ping.fm/5pscf
Porn star mulling La. Senate race has a tough week
: http://ping.fm/by5o4
States slash health care programs in budget crisis
: http://ping.fm/lVmCW
Alleged DC Holocaust museum shooter indicted
: http://ping.fm/WdpRG
Declassified Ike documents show '50s not so serene
: http://ping.fm/kWuvE
TCA: DJ AM like you've never seen him: http://ping.fm/I2OYu
Why did Emmy voters snub Jon and Kate?: http://ping.fm/n7JM4
L.A. Times to take over delivery of Orange County Register: http://ping.fm/MdxiS
Microsoft-Yahoo partnership faces big obstacle in antitrust regulators: http://ping.fm/DZPLC
Fed survey: Stabilization seen in some regions: http://ping.fm/XAQNS
BMW quits Formula 1. It is now the Sarah Palin of F1 and the future of KERS: http://ping.fm/PDai1
Obama spells out healthcare 'consumer protections': http://ping.fm/rFSS4
BMW quits Formula 1. It is now the Sarah Palin of F1 and the future of KERS: http://ping.fm/QQqf4
Pregnant women 1st in line for swine flu vaccine
: http://ping.fm/OHrog
Penn. AG upset with ex-editor's Web sex penalty
: http://ping.fm/cGEBp

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

`Clunkers' program draws car buyers in first days
: http://ping.fm/BKGSr
Freed Fla. dolphin attacked by sharks, euthanized
: http://ping.fm/EcfVo
Ill. graveyard scandal brings back mother's grief
: http://ping.fm/wdBx3
Prison consultants help inmates get good digs
: http://ping.fm/iE7Bo
Hawaii again declares Obama birth certificate real
: http://ping.fm/ap2Rq
Auditor: TVA lawyers limited ash spill report
: http://ping.fm/I88vQ
Ala. student vanishes during trip to Thailand
: http://ping.fm/xXiEa
Ala. police: Taser use on disabled man justified
: http://ping.fm/qk6uY
Schwarzenegger signs budget with more welfare cuts
: http://ping.fm/9RkLF
Another UBS client pleads guilty to US tax charges
: http://ping.fm/jkRrZ
Post office cited by GAO as a troubled agency
: http://ping.fm/dRir0
Sunday at the Itasca Diner, Itasca, IL: http://ping.fm/seiRU
Miami Diner: http://ping.fm/MfvCq
Man accused of judge threats called FBI informant
: http://ping.fm/8blkY
Witness describes shooting of Kan. abortion doctor
: http://ping.fm/VILrg
Flaws decried in data on US children's well-being
: http://ping.fm/OwKSv
Boston hack almost takes blame for forgotten child
: http://ping.fm/7MAy5
'So You Think You Can Dance': Final words: http://ping.fm/T3Hfn
Notable 1962 Emmy winners: http://ping.fm/5ddg9
Demi Lovato calls Miley Cyrus 'Dragon': http://ping.fm/EKlr9
Schwarzenegger vetoes hundreds of millions in state spending, signs budget: http://ping.fm/CgMVg
Remembering Jackie Kennedy's Emmy achievements: http://ping.fm/wfiaJ
"Octomom" Nadya Suleman: http://ping.fm/1DkN2
The Sprint logo hangs on the side of their Fifth Avenue store: http://ping.fm/szumq
Mona Ramouni speaks to her guide horse Cali as they ride a bus home from the publishing house where Ramouni works: http://ping.fm/dTInu
Discovery, Baidu launch website: http://ping.fm/8EtK2
Shoppers and tourists walking along Fifth Avenue in New York City: http://ping.fm/i0ylX
Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor: http://ping.fm/bwEMI
Jeff Sessions will vote against Sotomayor: http://ping.fm/nMQxV
Pro-life advocates protest over the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Judge Sonia Sotomayor: http://ping.fm/6gHQA
Guide horse for the blind. Duration: 01:47: http://ping.fm/Lu4qY
Seven men including six Americans were arrested Monday in the US state of North Carolina: http://ping.fm/cTtRP
Phelps booked his semi-final berth in the 200m butterfly on Tuesday: http://ping.fm/V8Bqy
The United States Supreme Court building in Washington, DC: http://ping.fm/Gwonl
George Russell has died aged 86: http://ping.fm/z9AGj
Mona Ramouni and her guide horse Cali head home using public transportation from the publishing house: http://ping.fm/65HWq
Mona Ramouni plays with her guide horse, Cali in the pen her family built in the yard of their Dearborn, Michigan home: http://ping.fm/tDXoy
EXCLUSIVE: Ephron talks about the joy of butter: http://ping.fm/dldGn
Michael Phelps upset in world championships: http://ping.fm/zePSH
Final rundown: Here's what Emmy judges will see: http://ping.fm/0yM1q
Prime-time Emmy calendar: What's ahead: http://ping.fm/dMaHM
AP Source: Jackson doc gave drug before death: http://ping.fm/mxne3
Coast Guard searches for Haitian boat survivors: http://ping.fm/luZCM
Stanford wants new prison, says AC doesn't work: http://ping.fm/zKYgW
Raw Video: Judiciary panel approves Sotomayor: http://ping.fm/AlriM
Mass. officials to study Gates arrest: http://ping.fm/5Ck87
AP Top Stories: http://ping.fm/vcFiq
Officials raid Mich. Home, rescue 100 plus dogs: http://ping.fm/TqHR5
Morning Briefing (July 28, 2009): http://ping.fm/C41Nq

Monday, July 27, 2009

Paris police chief during 1968 uprising dies
: http://ping.fm/utzFa
Taco Bell ad star Gidget the Chihuahua dies at 15
: http://ping.fm/lu5hd
Doctor who co-authored first AIDS report dies
: http://ping.fm/wYqqA
The Ann Arbor News hits the streets for last time
: http://ping.fm/TS14j
Psychedelic songwriter John Dawson dies at 64
: http://ping.fm/9m3tB
Last UK veteran of WWI trench battles dies at 111
: http://ping.fm/XhdCh
Obituaries in the news
: http://ping.fm/xixlN
'Tarzan' actress Brenda Joyce dies at 92
: http://ping.fm/S6VOc
Author E. Lynn Harris dies at age 54
: http://ping.fm/aa8up
New Battle Over Erin Andrews Naked Peephole Video: http://ping.fm/8JQ2o
Obesity Takes 9% of Health Spending: http://robwire.com/2009/07/obesity-takes-9-of-health-spending/
Guardian Ordered For Octomom's Kids: http://ping.fm/UeMLz
AP: Public Option Nixed from Health Care Bill: http://ping.fm/9BqC4
Michael Vick Gets OK to Play in NFL: http://ping.fm/NobOE
Study: Texting Raises Crash Risk 23-Fold: http://ping.fm/29iDF
World Watch Blog: Iranian Protester Dies In Prison: http://ping.fm/ijvUz
Man with fetish charged with stealing eyeglasses
: http://ping.fm/Gp7It
Judge orders guardian for octuplets' finances
: http://ping.fm/6XxDN
7 NC men charged with plotting 'violent jihad'
: http://ping.fm/QrrVG
Vick could play in October after being reinstated
: http://ping.fm/I5K4y
AP IMPACT: Dodd, Conrad told deals were sweetened
: http://ping.fm/2A5KQ
AP sources: Senate group omits employer mandate
: http://ping.fm/EgPtR
Texas investigators stunned by child dismemberment
: http://ping.fm/p4qGP
Obama calls for deeper U.S.-Chinese ties
: http://ping.fm/qQuSd
Israel on Iran: Anything it takes to stop nukes
: http://ping.fm/vRcfy
Gates 911 call: Witness not sure she sees crime
: http://ping.fm/UciWP
Dollar dips to 95 yen line but underpinned by U.S. housing data+: http://ping.fm/q7YRN
Tokyo stocks edge down amid caution after Nikkei's 9-day rally+: http://ping.fm/1l5e3
Lifestyle change the way to beat US obesity: experts: http://ping.fm/dxbMC
U.S. envoy upbeat on post-Kyoto deal on climate change+: http://ping.fm/XgDV3
Obama team in self praise over budget savings: http://ping.fm/ZBrJj
Japanese climber, Peruvian guide missing on Andes+: http://ping.fm/E3c8t
Britain ends Afghanistan offensive: http://ping.fm/9kQ6C
Main events scheduled for Wednesday, July 29+: http://ping.fm/2XQBk
US pulls plug on its Havana news ticker: http://ping.fm/nbq3y
Sale of Google's stake values AOL at $5.7 billion: http://ping.fm/s1wqb
Key Lawmakers Restart Health-Care Talks: http://ping.fm/DKDAU
Judge orders guardian for octuplets’ finances: A California judge appointed a lawyer Monday to oversee the.. http://twurl.nl/5s82h2
As Special Interests Aid Dodd, He Distances Himself: As Senator Christopher J. Dodd of Connecticut assumes a cen.. http://twurl.nl/04fuob
LEAD: Yokohama mayor to step down, but not to run in general election+: (Kyodo) _ (EDS: ADDING INFO) Yokohama Ma.. http://twurl.nl/mmq86w
Prosecutor: Dad killed girl to avoid child support: A father who had no interest in his 4-year-old daughter did .. http://twurl.nl/8cqo7a
NFL reinstates disgraced Vick: Disgraced superstar Michael Vick, who missed two National Football League seasons.. http://twurl.nl/j14486
Clinton plans to visit 7 nations in Africa: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton plans to travel to Africa .. http://twurl.nl/173gab
Yokohama mayor to step down, but not to run in general election+: (Kyodo) _ Yokohama Mayor Hiroshi Nakada will s.. http://twurl.nl/4oq3ic
LA Law Says Physician Gave Michael Jackson Powerful Anesthetic Propofol:  
A law enforcement official with .. http://twurl.nl/0pw4zp
Sen. Jim Bunning drops out of Kentucky U.S. Senate race:
Left: Sen. Jim Bunning in 2008 Right: – 1970 Top.. http://twurl.nl/bwqr1f
“Alexis Cohen, American Idol Castoff, Killed in Car Accident; Police Investigating Possible Homicide”.. http://twurl.nl/kpijzi
“Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (R) Transfers Power to Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell (R)” and related posts: C-SPAN.. http://twurl.nl/gdbavl
Treasures from the past: J.Hernetkoski has added a photo to the pool:

More http://twurl.nl/pxxu76

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Sarkozy ‘doing well’ after jogging collapse: aide: French President Nicolas Sarkozy was “doing.. http://twurl.nl/ty6q6a
NKorea says it is open to new dialogue on nukes: North Korea said Monday that it is open to new dialogue to defu.. http://twurl.nl/j2utjr
Bernanke had to ‘hold my nose’ over bailouts: Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said Sunday that.. http://twurl.nl/vaqafi
Nikkei tops 10,000 to brief 6-week high on economic optimism+: (Kyodo) _ (EDS: TO BE LED) Japan’s key Nikk.. http://twurl.nl/0eu8wk
Tokyo Stock Exchange: morning price list -1-+: (Kyodo) _ TSE Prices UP/DN Acom Co 2120 UP 35 Advantest Corp 1982.. http://twurl.nl/a03nts
Tokyo Stock Exchange: morning price list -2-+: (Kyodo) _ TSE Prices UP/DN Daifuku Co 653 UP 3 Daiichi Sankyo Co .. http://twurl.nl/wm1ysa
Japan launches new investment fund to help businesses innovate+: (Kyodo) _ The government has invested 82 billio.. http://twurl.nl/1shr4f
Twitter Spam: It is weird but since Twitter did the purge of spammers I have more spammers following me than bef.. http://twurl.nl/bav4zk
Geraldo Rivera: Did ESPN’s Erin Andrews Leak Peephole Video?: http://twurl.nl/202i33
Palin formally steps down as Alaska governor: Sarah Palin stepped down Sunday as Alaska governor to write a book.. http://twurl.nl/2plunz
4 kids, 4 adults die in NY parkway wrong-way crash: A family’s minivan going in the wrong direction crashe.. http://twurl.nl/m7iu5k
Palin steps down as Alaska gov.; her plans unclear: Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has resigned from office. She is tur.. http://twurl.nl/5opz3c
Sarkozy hospitalized after collapsing while jogging+: (Kyodo) _ French President Nicolas Sarkozy collapsed while.. http://twurl.nl/q44qkq
Ribblehead Viaduct Walk 09: Muppetville has added a photo to the pool:

More http://twurl.nl/invvwz
pepper pot 2: patty_colmer has added a photo to the pool:

Pepper heaven More http://twurl.nl/athc0n
Mexico trounces USA to win fifth Gold Cup: Carlos Vela scored once and set up two goals as Mexico defeated the U.. http://twurl.nl/jki56x
ADVISORY – Start of KWS news cycle for July 27+: (Kyodo) _ Kyodo World Service now begins the news cycle f.. http://twurl.nl/bsthmz
Golf: Ai Miyazato wins Evian Masters, first victory on U.S. LPGA Tour+: (Kyodo) _ Ai Miyazato of Japan won the E.. http://twurl.nl/l34o5g
The state of the health care debate -- chicagotribune.com (http://ping.fm/ja88L)
It is cooler since it stopped raining today.
Clinton Makes Case for White House Foreign-Policy Record: In an hourlong interview at the end of a trip to Thail.. http://twurl.nl/30jgy2
Iranian President Fires Cabinet Ministers: President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran dismissed two key cabinet minis.. http://twurl.nl/17qb3w
AP NewsAlert: Police confirm 7 fatalities in crash on parkway in NYC suburbs. http://twurl.nl/5b23kc
Police: 7 dead in NY parkway crash: New York state police say seven people have died in a three-car crash on a p.. http://twurl.nl/n48sgr
Twitter Is Becoming A Requirement For Job Applicants:

On Craigslist this week, one job posting asked applicant.. http://twurl.nl/yo7cth
Couples Retreat - Theatrical Trailer - BiFemLounge.Com (http://ping.fm/4y7GA)
Space Exploration "panthesis": crescentsi has added a photo to the pool:

I created this abstract image to celeb.. http://twurl.nl/vc0nwc
“Boxer Vernon Forrest Shot and Killed in Atlanta” and related posts: The Big Lead Professional boxer.. http://twurl.nl/acezph
Gâteau au chocolat: fabienne & co has added a photo to the pool:

Un merveilleux gâteau au chocolat sans far.. http://twurl.nl/66m5jx
“Henry Louis Gates on Obama Arrest Comments: Henry Louis Gates Interview on Sirius Radio” and relate.. http://twurl.nl/5th611
Palin’s resignation day arrives, future unclear: FAIRBANKS, Alaska (AP) — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin st.. http://twurl.nl/ppz84v

Saturday, July 25, 2009

US eyes private guards for bases in Afghanistan: U.S. military authorities in Afghanistan may hire a private con.. http://twurl.nl/ntyzpv
US: Parade of officials to caution Israel: The Obama administration is dispatching four of its most senior forei.. http://twurl.nl/v8jutj
membership: Mike Ambach has added a photo to the pool:

I don’t believe Archie ever joined the serviceR.. http://twurl.nl/3sy7h0
Island: Renata.Guimarães has added a photo to the pool: http://twurl.nl/wcuvjt
Clinton’s Mideast defense claims set off tremors: Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton set off tremor.. http://twurl.nl/514b26
Baildon Moor 02: James Whitesmith has added a photo to the pool: http://twurl.nl/6vowj6
Portland’s ‘young creatives’ tough out tough times: Ceramics artist Heidi Sowa had her eyes se.. http://twurl.nl/5rhlnp
Defense secretary scores big wins on weapons cuts: Robert Gates is on a roll. Question is, how long will it last.. http://twurl.nl/wgrxw3
Massa satisfactory after life-threatening accident: Ferrari driver Felipe Massa underwent surgery on life-threat.. http://twurl.nl/fbrao0
Untitled: Chris Ebarb has added a photo to the pool:

Lately I’ve been looking at photos taken using a Til.. http://twurl.nl/wh6pbn
(Untitled): Drawings Of Light – Paul has added a photo to the pool:

Copyright © W. Paul Thomas. All right.. http://twurl.nl/tuvtsy
U.S. defense chief heads to Israel, Jordan: WASHINGTON (Reuters) – U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates hea.. http://twurl.nl/3568yn
(Untitled): Olivier (a.k.a. Scream Phenix) has added a photo to the pool: http://twurl.nl/ao8mw0
The queens of lifelessness: dogwatcher has added a photo to the pool:

Never move.
Never say a word.
Just look p.. http://twurl.nl/2vji15
Iraq to send students to colleges in US, abroad: Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said Saturday his country .. http://twurl.nl/jdx7ee
Defense secretary scores big wins on weapons cuts: Robert Gates is on a roll. Question is, how long will it last.. http://twurl.nl/5tg7m6
Lobbyists the silver lining in health care storm?: WASHINGTON (AP) — A strong force, perhaps as powerful i.. http://twurl.nl/ql84kc
Lobbyists the silver lining in health care storm?: http://twurl.nl/fqh0wz
Angel’s face uncovered at Istanbul’s Haghia Sophia: http://twurl.nl/nfdobw
Colombia says 18 rebels dead in jungle bombardment: http://twurl.nl/2oo4ye
Analysis: Race is daunting challenge for Obama: http://twurl.nl/ikz6r5
Gates says it’s time to ‘move on’ from his arrest: http://twurl.nl/i7sllx
Protesters call for end to Iranian rights abuses: http://twurl.nl/esug6o
The Forty Part Motet by Janet Cardiff: jepoirrier has added a photo to the pool:

Janet Cardiff’s Forty Pa.. http://twurl.nl/fowi0b
“Breaking: Cambridge Police Unit Demands Apology From Obama (Video)…Update: Doctors Want An Apology .. http://twurl.nl/8w3noe
“Report: Bush Consider Sending Troops Into Buffalo for Terror Sweep” and related posts: http://twurl.nl/cifpxp
E-China: The bicycle kingdom is going electric: http://twurl.nl/7jyn4m
Hospital: Driver Felipe Massa in `life-threatening’ condition after skull fracture surgery.: http://twurl.nl/54weqm
“The Officer Didn’t Stereotype Henry Louis Gates — Henry Louis Gates Stereotyped the Officer” .. http://twurl.nl/5owh1g
amsterdam: wojofoto has added a photo to the pool: http://twurl.nl/fwawfk
That’s another way to look at it: Mendhak has added a photo to the pool: http://twurl.nl/143yg4
Flippin Nick: byJosh has added a photo to the pool:

My cousin Nick doing a somersault. – Hey Nick, how ar.. http://twurl.nl/85s86c
Protesters call for end to Iranian rights abuses: LONDON (AP) — Protesters across the world on Saturday ca.. http://twurl.nl/burtel
Suicide attackers strike southeastern Afghan city: KABUL (AP) — For the second time in a week, Taliban fig.. http://twurl.nl/kl6zlb
Iraqi Kurds look for change as they head to polls: SULAIMANIYAH, Iraq (AP) — Iraqis voting in SaturdayR.. http://twurl.nl/gu6ejt
Obama hawks health care overhaul, citing study: WASHINGTON (AP) — President Barack Obama, citing a new Whi.. http://twurl.nl/asxmx4
Report: Bush mulled sending troops into Buffalo: WASHINGTON (AP) — The Bush administration in 2002 conside.. http://twurl.nl/goynwa
Big Fan Official Theatrical Trailer: http://twurl.nl/moq35j
Square Feet | The 30-Minute Interview: Peter Hauspurg: Mr. Hauspurg is the chairman and chief executive of a bro.. http://twurl.nl/cqi663
Contador tames Ventoux and rivals, eyes second Tour: MONT VENTOUX, France (Reuters) – Alberto Contador was.. http://twurl.nl/eg8h33
Harley-Davidson Rolls out Nine New Models for 2010: More Performance, Features and Value Across Six Motorcycle P.. http://twurl.nl/8vrs8y
Weekend TV: What’s in the Fed’s Bag?: Visit msnbc.com for Breaking News, World News, and News about .. http://twurl.nl/1cur4p
Indie Bookstore And Historic House, Carver, MA 02330:
Indie bookstore and historic house. Good investment oppor.. http://twurl.nl/ve4aed
AMREEKA a Film by Cherien Dabis - Official Trailer (http://ping.fm/A6poq)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Labor secretary says wage hike will boost spending: Labor Secretary Hilda Solis says this week’s increase .. http://twurl.nl/cbhwc7
Banks Reducing CRE Exposure, Tightening Credit, While Demand Remains Flat: As firms continue to downsize, cut co.. http://twurl.nl/f2qegd
What’s Ahead for Private Equity?: The future of the private equity industry seems to be on the minds of ma.. http://twurl.nl/6pwmoa
Obama turns health care focus to families, voters: Against worsening odds for congressional floor votes any time.. http://twurl.nl/rpqyoi

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

AP NewsAlert: Report: DEA raids Michael Jackson doctor’s Houston clinic. http://twurl.nl/vrm7zy
DoD Research Arm Leases 350,000 SF in Northern Virginia: The research and development arm of the U.S. Dept. of D.. http://twurl.nl/1kss8c
Stores Go Dark Where Buyers Once Roamed: The storefront vacancy rate in New York is at its highest point since t.. http://twurl.nl/rbyzvm
The Lease Up (July 19-25): MEDC and MEGA Continue to Bring Companies to Michigan: In this week’s issue:
ME.. http://twurl.nl/2fzvo8

Monday, July 20, 2009

Deal Doubts Weigh on VW Stock: Shares of Volkswagen and Porsche fell Monday amid speculation that a merger agree.. http://twurl.nl/qqqact
US: 4 US troops die in Afghanistan: NATO says four more Americans have been killed in Afghanistan, making July t.. http://twurl.nl/wd08vd
Clinton says 9/11 ringleaders are in Pakistan: U.S. officials “firmly believe” that al-Qaida leaders.. http://twurl.nl/0gaf5n
Boston trolley driver pleads not guilty in crash: The former Boston subway operator who authorities say was text.. http://twurl.nl/7who8d
Bosnian Serbs convicted of burning Muslims alive: A U.N. war crimes court convicted two Bosnian Serb cousins Mon.. http://twurl.nl/g40cv0

Sunday, July 19, 2009

CIT Is Near Deal for $3 Billion Loan to Avert Bankruptcy: If CIT does not reach a deal by Monday morning, it pla.. http://twurl.nl/5cpzd1
Japan opposition keeps lead ahead of poll -survey: TOKYO (Reuters) – Support for Japan’s main opposi.. http://twurl.nl/jme6ft
CIT Is Near Deal for $3 Billion Loan to Avert Bankruptcy: The CIT Group, one of the nation’s leading lende.. http://twurl.nl/57aku2
Governors Fear Medicaid Costs in Health Plan: The state leaders are worried about “unfunded mandates” landing in.. http://twurl.nl/iz7pui
Officials: Health care proposal a work in progress: Administration officials defended President Barack ObamaR.. http://twurl.nl/hdog01
Hearings fail to sway Sessions to Sotomayor’s side: The top Republican on the Senate committee reviewing S.. http://twurl.nl/d5xtm5
News Analysis: Iranian Critic Quotes Khomeini Principles: Ali Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, a former president, has .. http://twurl.nl/ggpdkv
Israel Rejects U.S. Call on East Jerusalem Development: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu rejected a U.S. call t.. http://twurl.nl/4ds0ye

Saturday, July 18, 2009

World’s oldest man, WWI veteran dies: Only death could silence Henry Allingham. He went to war as a teenag.. http://twurl.nl/il2whi
Fighting Eyesores Before They Start: The City Council has a plan that would allow developers to hang onto their .. http://twurl.nl/qzxaz3
California sprouts ‘green rush’ from marijuana: A drug deal plays out, California-style: A conservat.. http://twurl.nl/lo5pli
News Analysis: Democrats Grow Wary as Health Bill Advances: Despite progress, Democrats face a tight legislative.. http://twurl.nl/ba2ubs
U.S. F-15 fighter crashes in Afghanistan: KABUL (Reuters) – A U.S. F-15 fighter jet crashed in eastern Afg.. http://twurl.nl/7lhii4
Gotta Move, Gotta Sell: For some homeowners, life has gotten in the way, and they have no choice but to wade int.. http://twurl.nl/sli6oe
Ex-Fannie Mae Chief to Join Fortress: The former chief executive of Fannie Mae, Daniel H. Mudd, who was ousted i.. http://twurl.nl/8ib14c
CIT Limps Into Weekend, Seeking a Lifeline: By the close of business on Friday, the CIT Group remained locked in.. http://twurl.nl/ev06gg

Friday, July 17, 2009

FDIC Moving HQ to Empire State Building: The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp. (FDIC) is moving its headquarters t.. http://twurl.nl/t0su2r
Afghan bombs kill 12 including British soldier: Bombs killed a dozen people, including a British soldier and fiv.. http://twurl.nl/tba2jc
REIT To Pay $162M for Greenville Hospital System Assets: Grubb & Ellis Healthcare REIT, a California-based .. http://twurl.nl/xhb8ki
House to vote on saving nation’s wild mustangs: The nation’s wild horses would be protected from sla.. http://twurl.nl/ob665o
Insider Trading Case Against Cuban Is Dismissed: A federal judge has dismissed an civil insider trading lawsuit .. http://twurl.nl/yjwrwy

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

West Tennessee Amber Alert - 2 children kidnapped - http://ping.fm/ZPlGR Please RT
China to postpone summit with Japan, S. Korea at Tokyo’s request+: (Kyodo) _ China has decided to postpone.. http://twurl.nl/iq6fsm
In Manhattan, Softer Rents, Better Deals: Whether rents have bottomed out is debatable, but there are signs that.. http://twurl.nl/wd8hpz
Architects Group: Nonresidential Construction Slump to Continue Through 2010: Nonresidential construction spendi.. http://twurl.nl/2bhhlx
7-Eleven Sees an Opportunity to Open Doors: The convenience store chain is taking advantage of a weakened real e.. http://twurl.nl/ca1wr1
Schindler Elevator execs to be indicted over 2006 fatal accident+: (Kyodo) _ Prosecutors have decided to indict .. http://twurl.nl/g3kv07

Monday, July 13, 2009

Nautilus Greatly Reducing HQ Space in Vancouver: Nautilus Inc. is drastically reducing its headquarters space in.. http://twurl.nl/mz5jeo
LPGA Tour says Carolyn Bivens out as commissioner, Marsha Evans appointed acting commissioner.: LPGA Tour says C.. http://twurl.nl/6po7in
U.S., China to hold 1st meet of new bilateral dialogue July 27-28+: (Kyodo) _ The United States said Monday it w.. http://twurl.nl/a3n8gg
Vintage Real Estate Spends $50M on South Bay Pavilion: South Bay Pavilion, a regional mall in Carson, CA, was so.. http://twurl.nl/7uxsqk
Even in Downturn, a London Banker’s Party Goes On: Despite the downturn, a Merrill Lynch banker based in L.. http://twurl.nl/azf0x8

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Officials push for health care in spite of delay: President Barack Obama’s overhaul of the nation’s .. http://twurl.nl/rhkdlw
Car bomb explodes outside Iraqi church, kills 4: A car bomb exploded near a church as worshippers left Sunday Ma.. http://twurl.nl/3jjg6p
US, Swiss ask for delay in UBS secrecy case: The U.S. and Swiss governments and banking giant UBS AG indicated S.. http://twurl.nl/7v50lj
LEAD: DPJ-backed Nakagawa wins Nara mayoral race+: (Kyodo) _ The opposition Democratic Party of Japan-backed can.. http://twurl.nl/rqyzex
US, Swiss ask for delay in UBS secrecy case: The U.S. and Swiss governments and banking giant UBS AG are asking .. http://twurl.nl/7twudh
LEAD: Ruling bloc certain to lose majority in Tokyo assembly+: (Kyodo) _ (EDS: UPDATING WITH LATEST PROJECTIONS).. http://twurl.nl/dchkl7
Cheney Is Linked to Concealment of C.I.A. Project: The C.I.A. was said to have withheld information about a secr.. http://twurl.nl/hdrqhc
The Deciders: Umpires v. Judges: A well-loved metaphor in American jurisprudence is a matter of interpretation. http://twurl.nl/4l6rm1
Naturalist Newsletter: Jul 12/ Osprey Nest: JIM CONRAD’S NATURALIST NEWSLETTERIssued from the Siskiyou Mou.. http://twurl.nl/oiscfm

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Tribal region poses harsh test for Pakistan army: After relative success against Islamic extremists elsewhere, P.. http://twurl.nl/do5ul8
Iraqi police say car bomb kills 4 in north: A car bomb exploded in an alley Saturday in a Shiite village in nort.. http://twurl.nl/h6ytjl
Square Feet: The 30-Minute Interview: William C. Rudin: Mr. Rudin helps to run one of New York’s oldest real est.. http://twurl.nl/6w4cwb
Smith & Hawken Liquidating 56-Store Fleet: Smith & Hawken, purveyor of fine outdoor furniture and accessori.. http://twurl.nl/s53h47

Monday, July 06, 2009

The New Country Squires: City renters are taking their money to where the grass is truly greener. They are buyin.. http://twurl.nl/aknpkw
Swimming: Irie wins but fails to set 100 backstroke Japanese record+: (Kyodo) _ Japanese ace Ryosuke Irie won th.. http://twurl.nl/rch6cx
AP IMPACT: New GI benefits vary widely by state: When the new GI Bill kicks in Aug. 1, the government’s be.. http://twurl.nl/gcb5lz
EMC Puts Data Domain on the Spot: In addition to raising its offer, EMC has taken an interesting legal approach .. http://twurl.nl/gp5d7e
China’s Coke Ruling Not Abusive, F.T.C. Official Says: A United States trade official said Monday that Chi.. http://twurl.nl/tweo03
Naturalist Newsletter: Jul 5/ Nesting Robin:

JIM CONRAD’S NATURALIST NEWSLETTERIssued from the Siskiy.. http://twurl.nl/pid7v7

Sunday, July 05, 2009

The Caucus: Biden Says His Trip Proves Iraq Remains Priority: Vice President Joe Biden says that he has assured .. http://twurl.nl/6k8r3a
US-Russia framework deal on arms control expected: A White House official says he expects President Barack Obama.. http://twurl.nl/f4kx3m
Cavendish wins Tour’s 2nd stage; Armstrong in pack: Britain’s Mark Cavendish won the second stage of.. http://twurl.nl/3krsez
Leading Clerics Defy Ayatollah on Disputed Iran Election: The most important group of religious leaders in Iran .. http://twurl.nl/5ks218
The New County Squires: City renters are taking their money to where the grass is truly greener. They are buying.. http://twurl.nl/am10ug

Friday, July 03, 2009

U.S. sounds out Arabs on Israel gestures: diplomats: JERUSALEM (Reuters) – The United States and its Weste.. http://twurl.nl/j5cuuz
AU to shelter Beshir from war crimes warrant: delegates: The African Union has decided not to cooperate with a w.. http://twurl.nl/sn3ubp
Organic Farms as Subdivision Amenities: Developers are trying to make lots more attractive by putting crops in t.. http://twurl.nl/kfllxt
126-Store Crabtree & Evelyn Chain Files Bankruptcy: Woodstock, CT-based Crabtree & Evelyn, purveyor of fine.. http://twurl.nl/6wqnjq
A law enforcement official says the sedative Diprivan was found in Michael Jackson’s home.: A law enforcem.. http://twurl.nl/gaqpjj
Powerful sedative found in Michael Jackson’s home: A law enforcement official says the powerful sedative D.. http://twurl.nl/tdntkc

Thursday, July 02, 2009

RV Park, Grants Pass, OR 97526:
26 space RV Park. Includes store. Possible expansion potential. http://twurl.nl/lh2tdm

Wednesday, July 01, 2009

New Chatroom For Twitter Users: Talk City now has a free 24 hour chatroom for Twitter users. You can chat with o.. http://twurl.nl/g2ipti