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Monday, March 23, 2009

Naturalist Newsletter: Mar 23/ Savannah Sparrow: JIM CONRAD’S NATURALIST NEWSLETTERWritten and issued from.. http://twurl.nl/6wusle
Trillion-Dollar Bank Rescue Unveiled: The Obama administration is hoping it has finally come up with the right f.. http://twurl.nl/6yj7wd

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Economy causing horse crisis: People ‘giving up their animals’: Lifesavers President Jill Starr says.. http://twurl.nl/5lz7qk

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Startup Looks to Challenge Cisco, HP in Data Center: The same week that Cisco Systems rolled out its ambitious U.. http://twurl.nl/4othpi
Going abroad to find affordable health care: When Ben Schreiner, a 62-year-old retired Bank of America executive.. http://twurl.nl/6n53oo

Friday, March 20, 2009

Social Networking Is Fast Migrating To Business World: Popular online sites such as Facebook and Twitter have cr.. http://twurl.nl/d4fcu5
More layoffs hit The Commercial Appeal: After announcing it would lay off 18 employees earlier this month, The C.. http://twurl.nl/81gm5f
The Eight Coolest Things Online This Week: Super-strong artificial muscles, telephony iPods, and a Twitter that .. http://twurl.nl/6w2lop
2 Massive Credit Unions Fail, 3 More Banks: U.S. regulators seized control on Friday of U.S. Central Federal Cre.. http://twurl.nl/uqv5my
The Clever Commute: After Josh Crandall lost his job, a friend helped him turn a Web site called The Clever Comm.. http://twurl.nl/13uqq1
Stubb Stubblefield: Archangel Of Barbecue: From 1968 to 1975 in Lubbock, Texas, C.B. “Stubb” Stubble.. http://twurl.nl/tof1ox
BlackBerry Niagara To Launch In May: Just in time to take on the Palm Pre and whatever new iPhone model Apple dr.. http://twurl.nl/6dzh3y
Americans fear home price drop accelerating: Americans fear home prices will drop more sharply in the coming yea.. http://twurl.nl/6fab57
In Sacramento’s tent city, a torn economic fabric: The capital’s tent city sprawls messily on a gras.. http://twurl.nl/pi0zkt
Commercial Real Estate Hangs on for Dear Life: The pulse of commercial real estate is barely detectable, but the.. http://twurl.nl/842bcb
Southwest Airlines kicks off summer fare war: A summer airfare war is heating up as one of the worst downturns i.. http://twurl.nl/fu4lss
Self Cleaning Keyboard Is Launched By Startup:
A Bothell startup is looking to keep people healthy by zapping g.. http://twurl.nl/78im6r
“Undo Send” From GMail: If you ever send email you might regret later Gmail now offers “.. http://twurl.nl/60hzas

Thursday, March 19, 2009

LiveNewsCameras.com: International live streaming television news aggregator. posted by netbros at 3:44 PM http://twurl.nl/nr62xk
Zeebo to launch low-cost game console: At two of the forthcoming conferences - the Game Developers Conference an.. http://twurl.nl/m0u7id
Party like it’s 2009: It’s been a busy week for Y Combinator, the early-stage investment firm known .. http://twurl.nl/82p3xy
Scavenging For A Living: Poverty compelled Henry Evangelista to drop out of high school and turn to scavenging a.. http://twurl.nl/ia0d3g
New generation of entrepreneurs heads to Internet to sell their wares online: A new generation of entrepreneurs .. http://twurl.nl/ijrkad
Steamy Is The New Player In Social Networking: Like Google Reader and FriendFeed, Streamy lets you follow news, .. http://twurl.nl/kf0mrg
Connecticut coach Jim Calhoun hospitalized for tests http://ping.fm/y53RB
Homeless In The State Capitol:
Madison-At 9 a.m. in the state Capitol on a recent weekday, with the.. http://twurl.nl/1yrqkl
UN Says World Should Dump The Dollar: A U.N. panel will next week recommend that the world ditch the dolla.. http://twurl.nl/w8tkxn
Lending Club Gets $12 Million In Funding: P2P money lending service Lending Club has closed a $12 million Series.. http://twurl.nl/yn7bqf
Historic Greenbrier Resort Files For Bankruptcy:
The historic Greenbrier resort, which has gone from hosting pr.. http://twurl.nl/icbp4o
Amy Adams for “Sunshine Cleaning”:

Amy Adams is best known for her squeaky-clean persona in roles .. http://twurl.nl/ojit2g
Start-up food entrepreneurs: North Carolina startup food companies that have found their footing are getting hel.. http://twurl.nl/2xhdub
Twitter Has Massive Revenue Potential: Search and social media guru John Battelle lashes out at analysts from Sa.. http://twurl.nl/zgic4a
Google Books Will Be On New Sony Reader: It’s the first time Google has made its vast trove of scanned pub.. http://twurl.nl/lkj2kg

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Flying Car Makes Maiden Flight:
SEATTLE — It seems the future is now. Flying cars have long been talked a.. http://twurl.nl/f77han
iPhone With No Contract May Launch March 26: Time to clear out some inventory, boys! AT&T, starting March 26.. http://twurl.nl/sea8yg
Go Daddy joins program for Internet startups: GoDaddy.com has signed on as a hosting partner in the Microsoft Bi.. http://twurl.nl/p6dacj
Actress Natasha Richardson Dies:
A spokesman for the family of Natasha Richardson said she has died.

Richards.. http://twurl.nl/xsmyy0
Crain To Lay Off 150 Staffers:
PaidContent brings the news that, according to anonymous sources, Crain Communic.. http://twurl.nl/ldb7w5
1-800-Mattress May Be Forced Into Bankruptcy:
Creditors of the owner of retailer 1800mattress.com are seeking t.. http://twurl.nl/f8jy2c
Station Casinos To File For Bankruptcy:
Station Casinos Incsaid in a court filing it plans to file for ba.. http://twurl.nl/2j1iwu
Harrah’s May Not Be Able To Make Debt Payments: One of the world’s largest casino operators said it .. http://twurl.nl/xu0wxd
Rollout Of Ads On Twitter:
Micro blogging website Twitter has quietly started to roll out text advertising form.. http://twurl.nl/rnytet
Privacy Group Wants FTC To Shut Down Gmail… Again: I think privacy is a very important issue that often is.. http://twurl.nl/o20lji
As job prospects dwindle in labor markets around the country, plucky entrepreneurs don’t a.. http://twurl.nl/utpet7
iPhone 3.0 Photos:
iPhone 3.0 was launched at Apple’s headquarters in California yesterday, with a slew o.. http://twurl.nl/1eow20

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

World Bank slashes China growth forecast:
The World Bank has slashed China’s economic growth foreca.. http://ping.fm/qvLnu
Noted Tech Investor Looks Beyond the Crisis: Glenn Hutchins, the co-chief executive of the technology investment.. http://twurl.nl/36of3z
AOL To Launch PoliticsDaily.com: Politico has a new major competitor…
New Media is about to meet Old Media.. http://twurl.nl/vicaa1
A Tiny Cheap Touch Screen:
Asus has made a name for itself as the hot manufacturer of netbooks, the increasingl.. http://twurl.nl/pgvbal
Primus Telecommunications Group Inc. and its three affiliated holding companies filed for C.. http://twurl.nl/nd151f
U.S. Government Owes $11 trillion: The eye-popping national debt surpassed $11 trillion Monday, the largest in U.. http://twurl.nl/xkw80f
Twitter Grade:
My grades on Twitter are much better than my Ole Miss days. My Twitter grade is 99.6 and I.. http://twurl.nl/u5mm30
New Faster Google Chrome Beta: Although it came out of beta last December, Google’s Chrome browser has a n.. http://twurl.nl/wreofw
Salvation Army Reaching New Generation Of Donors Via Twiter, iPhone, etc.: Donations to The Salvation Army.. http://twurl.nl/8gr7w1
The McCain ‘Twitterview:
That “Twitterview” was a little weird.
Watching questions from George Step.. http://twurl.nl/3vk788
Facebook And Twitter Envy:
Facebook is developing a serious case of Twitter envy. It’s not hard to see ho.. http://twurl.nl/hewvga
SmartSynch Inks Deal With AT&T Wireless: Jackson-based SmartSynch has inked a deal with AT&T Wireless to mar.. http://twurl.nl/dstpy4
Journalism 2.0: Newspapers might be dying, but does it matter? Here’s what journalism 2.0 looks like: Spot.. http://twurl.nl/y6jic4
Dell’s Adamo: From GigaOM: As expected, Dell today releases the Adamo notebook PC, its entry into the high-end u.. http://twurl.nl/7yhcl3
Jack in the Box feeds the social media beast Jack has risen, hallelujah. http://ping.fm/hXlTB
Text Ads Coming To Your Nearest Twitter http://ping.fm/95qKx

Monday, March 16, 2009

Web site arranges funding for freelancers: From SFGate: As a young reporter in New York City, hustling for work .. http://twurl.nl/h3j7eq
Venture capital for clean tech is in short supply:
It is a dirty little secret. Clean Tech investing is suppose.. http://twurl.nl/tna2vm
PaperFree Tampa Bay: The days of pushing a doctor’s handwritten prescription across a pharmacy counter cou.. http://twurl.nl/8p7ryg
33Across Raises 750K In Funding:
Stealthy 33Across, a startup that uses an algorithm to identify which online u.. http://twurl.nl/be2oim
Funding In Place For Renewable Jet Fuel Startup: Tulsa-based Syntroleum Corporation said Monday it received down.. http://twurl.nl/f1xqyk
Atlanta Airports’ homeless resist efforts to remove them: Life has taken Roger Gleen up and down the.. http://twurl.nl/rcmdfa
Paul Allen’s Charter To File For Bankruptcy:

Charter Communications Inc., the nation’s fourth-larg.. http://twurl.nl/0u6usx
Microsoft To Fund Startups In India: IDG Ventures India and Microsoft India have announced an Early Stage Fundin.. http://twurl.nl/xrzijq
Masonite Files For Bankruptcy:
Masonite International Inc, a Canadian doormaker, and its U.S. operations filed .. http://twurl.nl/8cjg4t
Miserable AT&T Reception At SXSW: At this weekend’s South By Southwest conference (SXSW) iPhone users repo.. http://twurl.nl/3nqnhn
Facebook is gaining against MySpace in United States:
It certainly is bad news for MySpace! The New York based .. http://twurl.nl/gdvyi7
Naturalist Newsletter: Mar 16/ Alligator Days: JIM CONRAD’S NATURALIST NEWSLETTERWritten and issued from t.. http://twurl.nl/yooa5z
Cheap and Proud of It: Q&A With Zoho CEO Sridhar Vembu: Zohois happy to be viewed as the lowest-priced CRM SaaS .. http://twurl.nl/1ls3rw
Obama administration: Guantanamo detainees have ‘no constitutional rights’: Court documents filed Fr.. http://twurl.nl/qiwqmh

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Actor Ron Silver, 62, Dies Of Cancer:
Actor Ron Silver has died in New York City after a two-year battle with e.. http://twurl.nl/kxhjh2
16 Year Old Starts Successful Truffle Business: These days, the main infatuation of Purkayastha, now a 16-year-o.. http://twurl.nl/0frtql
Photos Of Wordpress BBQ:

Some photos of the Wordpress BBQ fromAndrew Mager. http://twurl.nl/an26lz
My WeFollow Rankings:
I am trying out WeFollowwhich was launched by Digg founder Kevin Rose. My rankings .. http://twurl.nl/qteo4i
Social Media Overload - SXSW 2009:
The speed and popularity of the micro-messaging service Twitter has made it .. http://twurl.nl/dz1g0i
Personalized Websites For Low Income Job Seekers:
SinceProfessor C.K. Prahalad’sBottom of the Pyram.. http://twurl.nl/dsikeh
5 second films:
5 second films, original independent films exactly 5 seconds long [via Ovablastic] posted by li.. http://twurl.nl/sqyfsu
Broken Bruno’s: Beleagured chain describes problems that led to bankruptcy:
Bankruptcy court documents pa.. http://twurl.nl/ekmikz
DRM chip inside the iPod Shuffle earbuds: From CrunchGear Ok. This is absolutely insane. J&R over at BBG dis.. http://ping.fm/ExSpL

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Palm Pre Browser Four Times Faster Than IPhone?:
pocketables It is beginning to look like Apple had bette.. http://twurl.nl/rl6te2
Hotmail Goes POP3: Hotmail the most famous email service which Microsoft purchased for $400 million is finally s.. http://twurl.nl/pts70d
Tested: Chrome vs IE8 vs Firefox 3.1 vs Safari 4: Back in September, all of the major PC browsers were compared .. http://twurl.nl/3dbqzw
‘Bridge to Microsoft’ Is One of Puget Sound Prizes in Stimulus: Microsoft Corp., which has $20 billion of cash i.. http://twurl.nl/yki7um
Twitter Sees 55% Growth Rate: The latest numbers show Twitter with a “55 percent month-over-month growth r.. http://twurl.nl/voxnsp
HerHotSpot Is A Social Network Merged With Cosmopolitan Magazine: From TechCrunch This week’s elevator pit.. http://twurl.nl/mjh0lc

Friday, March 13, 2009

America’s Lost Band:
“America’s Lost Band”…1964…The Remains. Opening act.. http://twurl.nl/ttvr6f
45 percent of world’s wealth destroyed: Private equity company Blackstone Group LP (BX.N) CEO Stephen Schw.. http://twurl.nl/zzmd8l
Welcome to the Depression: A sobering look at what is coming in the economy. Before it is over 1 of every 4 peop.. http://twurl.nl/4lvwvm
Washington Post Drops Business Section: Washington Post Co. will combine the business section with its front sec.. http://twurl.nl/hkul4v
Collapse Of Auto Supply Base Predicted: The economic impact of a General Motors or Chrysler bankruptcy is being .. http://twurl.nl/bwve7e
One Of Oldest Newspapers In Kansas To Close: I’m taking a quick break from my regular blog posts to commen.. http://twurl.nl/q5h8pq
L.A. Commercial Property Market To Face Tough Year In 2009: When one of downtown Los Angeles’largest.. http://twurl.nl/e3qgx8
California Lays Off 26,000 Teachers:
Today is Pink Friday, the deadline for California teachers to receive prel.. http://twurl.nl/u8vcv5
China Worries if U.S. Will Stay A Credible Nation: China’s premier expressed concern Friday about its hold.. http://twurl.nl/muews5
Photo: Woody’s Drive-In:
toryvanc http://twurl.nl/u60qrs
Michael Jackson’s 50 London concerts sell out: Shows scheduled to kick off in July and stretch into Februa.. http://twurl.nl/85lo8g
Six Flags Considering Bankruptcy:
ezeiza Six Flags Inc. debt holders may receive equity in the theme-park owner.. http://twurl.nl/k1dr5e
Obama’s Poll Numbers Drop Below Bush In 2001: Polling data show that Mr. Obama’sapproval rating is d.. http://twurl.nl/kqxwda
Free Getaways Around the World: Even with the beaten-down travel industry spilling out deals on airfares like ca.. http://twurl.nl/i85ivq
Hulu unveils social tools:

Hulu’s new profile area with a Facebook-like “wall,” messaging s.. http://twurl.nl/v58rtd
Anna Nicole Smith’s ex-companion, doctors charged:
The longtime companion of Anna Nicole Smith and two ps.. http://twurl.nl/35nhqo
Child Hunger In India: Small, sick, listless children have long beenIndia’s scourge — &#.. http://twurl.nl/jdd3j6

Thursday, March 12, 2009

New Yahoo Home Page:
Yahoo’s new home pagewas supposed to have launched to the general public by no.. http://twurl.nl/3fzc5y
1 In 5 Workers Having Mental Health Problems:
One in five U.S. workers say the recession is causing them .. http://twurl.nl/t5jioy
Google Voice Is Coming: From The Google blog tonight, this will become a huge feature for Google.
We’ve ju.. http://twurl.nl/udxohg

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Louisiana Celebrity Twitter Thought For The Day: Britney Spears has 357,723 followers on Twitter while Ellen Deg.. http://twurl.nl/dss3w3
Sergey Brin Has Parkinson’s mutation:
SERGEY Brin, the co-founder of Google, is to spend millions of doll.. http://twurl.nl/kktgqf
Obama Gets Failing Grades From Economists: U.S. President Barack Obama and Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner r.. http://twurl.nl/s7te33
eBay Counts On PayPal For Future Profits: EBay Inc, fending off worries that its best days are over, hopes to tr.. http://twurl.nl/5kyrso
Moody’s List Of 283 Troubled Companies: Truly mind boggling to look at this list. Moody’s list of th.. http://twurl.nl/5bzm3o
Gen Xers get hit with a double whammy:

Life was sweet for Gen Xer Marc Matsumoto when he graduated from Univer.. http://twurl.nl/zlq6k3
NJ casinos post biggest monthly revenue drop ever: Atlantic City’s 11 casinos posted a 19.2 percent drop i.. http://twurl.nl/g6qsht

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mississippi Loses A Daily Newspaper: The Clarksdale Press Register will publish two days a week beginning April .. http://twurl.nl/1zgmrw
Casino Chain Files For Bankruptcy: Herbst Gaming, owner of the Nevada-based Terrible’s Casino chain, said .. http://twurl.nl/ggdyjx
Majority Of Americans Think We Are Entering A Second Great Depression:

Most Americans (53%) now think the Unit.. http://twurl.nl/13h3c1
283 Major Companies May Default On Debt: Companies ranging from Eastman Kodak (EK.N) to Unisys (UIS.N) are at ri.. http://twurl.nl/jqw4aw
Morgan Stanley predicts downturn will be worse than the Depression:
Some bleak predictions from Morgan Stanley .. http://twurl.nl/n5v5su
Specter Says Nation on ‘Brink of a Depression’: The nation is on the “brink of a depression,&#.. http://twurl.nl/2mrrvk
Dalai Lama marks 50 years in exile: Tibetan spiritual leader theDalai Lamamarked the 50th anniversar.. http://twurl.nl/ljtllc

Monday, March 09, 2009

Acclaimed Music: The 3000 most recommended albums and songs of all time. [more inside]posted by not_on_display http://twurl.nl/3lfy18
50,000 Indie Tracks:
The concept of building a Digg for music has been tried before (see Contrastream or iJigg).. http://twurl.nl/4m8md7
The 10 Most Endangered Newspapers in America:

Over the past few weeks, the U.S. newspaper industry has entere.. http://twurl.nl/8bay6d
Follow Me Twitter Buttons For Your Web Site: By TwitterButtons.com http://twurl.nl/8iwdg3
Being a seiyu is no easy life: The global economic crisis claims another industry - anime voice actors, or seiyu.. http://twurl.nl/xvl4km
Source Says GM. Chrysler Considering Prepackaged Bankruptcy: The US government’s “working group̶.. http://twurl.nl/h6xozp
Dow May Fall To 5,000: The man who predicted the current financial crisis said the US recession could drag on fo.. http://twurl.nl/b0410d
$50 Trillion In Assets Lost So Far In Global Depression: The value of global financial assets including stocks, .. http://twurl.nl/5gbu1z
Naturalist Newsletter: Mar 9/ Bluebird Nest Boxes: JIM CONRAD’S NATURALIST NEWSLETTERWritten and issued fr.. http://twurl.nl/5n8kdj
As big banks falter, community banks do fine: Despite dire headlines about the credit crunch and the shaky state.. http://twurl.nl/1bcq7i
Netbooks OS Challenge Windows:

Like a plus-sized dress on a skinny runway model, Windows just doesn&#.. http://twurl.nl/f7yjs3
Nikkei closes at 26-year low: Tokyo stocks fell Monday for the second trading day in a row, with the key Nikkei .. http://twurl.nl/z0n67y
Twitter Balancing: I am balancing out my Twitter account,removing those who do not follow me so I can add those .. http://twurl.nl/yjocgj
Women’s Day marks crisis of poverty, violence:
Women rallied worldwide to demand equal rights and protest.. http://twurl.nl/shec5n

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Online Movie Party 11:00 PM CST:
Watch a free movie with us Beast of Yucca Flatsat 11 PM CST.
A nuclear .. http://ping.fm/JNeKY
Watch a free movie with us Beast of Yucca Flats at 11 PM CST http://ping.fm/v3aW4
Circuit City Closes Its Doors Forever:

What began 60 years ago as a humble television store in this sleepy Sou.. http://twurl.nl/aj7lyi
How To Make A Million Before You Graduate: In trying times, we tend to look to grizzled veterans for wisdom, per.. http://twurl.nl/v426fq
Can Web site offer homeless man hope?:
Until a few weeks ago, Tim Edwards was just another one of the men beggi.. http://twurl.nl/pebgnw
Paul “Wine” Jones: Some rare music videos of the late blues great Paul ‘Wine” Jones of B.. http://twurl.nl/zdje4t

Saturday, March 07, 2009

GreenBrowser Is Bursting With Browser Tab Features:
GreenBrowser is one of a surprisingly large set of browsers.. http://twurl.nl/jqdkq1
Trump venture folds leaving buyers with nothing:
Stephen and Linda Drake cast aside concerns about owning prope.. http://twurl.nl/b2bkdy
Microsoft’s new system easier for browser switch:

Microsoft Corp is developing a feature in its new oper.. http://twurl.nl/5h2wbf

Friday, March 06, 2009

Iconic U.S. firms crumbling: The truisms have been familiar to generations of Americans: As General Motors goes,.. http://ping.fm/4dJpL
Jobless rate bolts to 8.1 pct., 651,000 jobs lost:
Hundreds attend the Wall Street Pink Slip Party where people.. http://ping.fm/250ua

Thursday, March 05, 2009

How Is This Depression Different from the Great Depression?:
Scott Coulter Take a look at this index of the sto.. http://twurl.nl/chryax
Cancel Cable And Save $1,000:
Roo Reynolds From Kiplinger I canceled my cable subscription a year and a h.. http://twurl.nl/ukj4k3
ABC Radio Stock Drops To One Penny:
Even for the most jaded industry professionals, it’s stunning to beli.. http://twurl.nl/aufkkf
Citibank Becomes A Penny Stock:

tantek Shares of Citigroup Inc., once the nation’s most powerful b.. http://ping.fm/k7LKA
New footage of rare rhinos in Indonesia:
New infra-red footage released Thursday captures hitherto unseen image.. http://twurl.nl/v0ui55
Tobias Wolff wins Story Prize for short fiction:
Author Tobias Wolff won the annual Story Prize for short.. http://twurl.nl/5ioggy
Folk Art At The Kentuck Festival, Northport, Alabama:
Kentuck Series (66 photos) Deep Fried Kudzu
&.. http://twurl.nl/atv5v1

Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Visual Encyclopedia of the American Ghetto: Invincible Cities “Hundreds of color photographs of Richmond, .. http://twurl.nl/fakd4f
One-of-a-kind bras for Breast Cancer Awareness:
“Members of Quilters of South Carolina have created one-o.. http://twurl.nl/lwekve
New Safari Succeeds at Speed, Flops on Features: Apple’s new version of its Safari browser is significantl.. http://twurl.nl/0mqgvi
Hundreds Of Car Dealers To Close:
While General Motors and Chrysler Corp. remain on financial life support and .. http://twurl.nl/v4xefv
GE Selloff Starting To Look Like Pure Panic:
There’s a bogeyman lurking deep inside General Electric̵.. http://ping.fm/0a9iZ
Fed Says Economic Outlook Is Bleak: The country spiraled deeper into recession to start 2009, forcing wide.. http://ping.fm/Ba5EU
The $2,000 car you can’t buy:
The cheapest car in the world is expected to begin rolling off assembly lin.. http://twurl.nl/2e70zg
One in five U.S. mortgage borrowers are underwater: One in five U.S. homeowners with mortgages owe more to their.. http://twurl.nl/qtqbbi
Reader’s Digest Considering Bankruptcy:
Privately held Reader’s Digest Association Inc hired Kirkla.. http://twurl.nl/xy65ti
UK university to offer Master’s degree on Beatles:
The city of Liverpool already has a Beatles museum and.. http://twurl.nl/7xxnf2
SpringStage.com - Networking For Early Stage Entrepreneurs:

A new local networking site for start.. http://twurl.nl/rpbyfz
Yahoo to close down Briefcase:
Yahoo Briefcase, an online storage service, will be closing down at the end of t.. http://twurl.nl/bnqd6x
The Last Of The Fire Towers:
Photo Credit: ScAtTeRbOnE The fire tower, or fire lookout, was one of the ma.. http://twurl.nl/430vza
Corporate Sponsored Activism: A startup is proposing a new model for harnessing the power of the web for activis.. http://twurl.nl/6queig

Tuesday, March 03, 2009

US auto sales hover near historic lows in February: Offers of huge rebates and tempting low-interest loans weren.. http://twurl.nl/3xi8zw
Deuce McAllister Nissan Files Bankruptcy: Former New Orleans Saints running backDeuce McAllister.. http://twurl.nl/dtycet
Three MySpace Execs Departing To Start New Company: This just breaking: Three executives at MySpace are leaving .. http://twurl.nl/knl57m
Jade has ‘four weeks to live’: Jade Goody has been given less than four weeks to live, her husband J.. http://twurl.nl/embqgf
Coast Guard halts search for NFL players, 3rd man: CLEARWATER, Fla. (AP) - The Coast Guard called off the search.. http://twurl.nl/g468k3
In the Pinch District in Memphis


Gus K http://twurl.nl/blti2q
Holy Land Maps and Ancient Maps of Jerusalem: Holy Land Maps and Ancient Maps of Jerusalem both showcase parts o.. http://twurl.nl/mr8es1

Monday, March 02, 2009

PC shipments to see sharpest-ever decline: The worldwide PC industry will experience its sharpest shipment decli.. http://twurl.nl/wjf7r7
Elusive Digital TV Signals: Harry Vanderpool, a beekeeper, lives on a hill nearly 1,000 feet above the Willamett.. http://twurl.nl/fai7tm
Share Price Shock: World Markets Plummet: A new crisis of confidence has rocked world markets, sending the Foots.. http://twurl.nl/m8znvw

Sunday, March 01, 2009


A new payment service to send and receive money via your Twitter account. http://twurl.nl/py54gb
AIG to get up to $30B more in Fed aid: AIG to get up to $30B more in Fed aid CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) - .. http://twurl.nl/bk310i
: WJTV says it will be back around 80 in MS by Friday. http://twurl.nl/2ogicf
: Memphis family at core of new film http://ping.fm/NBm1c http://twurl.nl/rjpfiw
: Jim the Realtor makes sardonic videos documenting his work……………… . . [more.. http://twurl.nl/ucatgg
: The snow is melting fast. http://twurl.nl/kllklv
Snow blankets most of Alabama in winter storm: Snow blankets most of Alabama in winter storm&#.. http://twurl.nl/i7j8ne
Siegfried and Roy perform with tiger in final show: Siegfried and Roy perform with tiger in final show
LAS.. http://twurl.nl/ajm76m
TrialPay: Works for People With More Time Than Money: TrialPay: Works for People With More Time Than Money With .. http://twurl.nl/1ftliz
: WKRG’s Local Live Twitter http://ping.fm/OrIjW http://twurl.nl/y0ol7d
: Not enough snow for a snowman tomorrow here. http://twurl.nl/dwoaqs
Consolidating: I am now posting to Ping.Fm and HelloTxtvia twitterfeed which makes it much easier. http://twurl.nl/1vw2gh
: Follow my second Twitter account http://ping.fm/eh7Mn http://twurl.nl/12aie3
: Looks like the snow has stopped for now. Radar looks heavier to the north. http://twurl.nl/ifoj5w