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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Reading: Amazon Adds Support Options for Hosted Services http://ping.fm/nSJI7
Reading: Psystar Web store goes down again http://ping.fm/ZSz7s
Reading: MicroRevie.ws - Reviews In Twitter Format http://ping.fm/5YObR
Reading: Social Text Version 3.0 http://ping.fm/hTYg8
Reading: Google Earth Revamped With Integrated Street View http://ping.fm/Q9kQ5
Reading: Lonelygirl15 Production Company EQAL Gets $5 Million Funding http://ping.fm/lH7q8
Reading: Why You Should Jott Yourself http://ping.fm/lJgpk
Reading: More Changes Coming To eBay http://ping.fm/5i5N7
Reading: Central Desktop Takes $7 Million http://ping.fm/xYCjz