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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Reading: Memorial Page For NOLA Blogger Ashley Morrishttp://ping.fm/4Uobw
Reading: Facebook Chat Launches http://ping.fm/WPO1p
Reading: Griffin ClearBoost Bumps Up IPhone Signalhttp://ping.fm/tfl5w
Reading: Bloggers Blog Till They Drop Dead http://ping.fm/Carnm
Reading: Gambit Obit On Ashley Morris http://ping.fm/rRPuS
Reading: NOLA Blogger Ashley Morris Dies http://ping.fm/ZVTeP
Reading: Pizza.Com Sells For $2.6 Million http://ping.fm/otDIW
Reading: New evidence of 'first American' found http://ping.fm/rLej0
Reading: McCain-Romney Not Acceptable Ticket To Basehttp://ping.fm/zm5oe
Reading: Clinton Renews Call to Count Fla., Mich.http://ping.fm/SkUKB
Reading: Charles Heston Dead At 84http://ping.fm/sdZp9